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Want To Sell? Help Your Customer Buy.

Financing breaks down barriers. Offering it allows small businesses to complete the purchases they need to operate or move to the next step of growth.

With financing through UCC, you’re building bridges between your customers and their goals. Our Dealer Financing Program offers 3 advantages you are unlikely to find anywhere else:

Want To Sell? Help Your Customer Buy.
Control & Flexibility

Control & Flexibility

We put dealers in control and give you all the tools you need to be as hands-on as you desire. With our Swift platform and automated deal process with live tracking, you get clearer and more relevant information – which translates to fewer drop offs and more business. Plus, we can integrate with your website if you so desire.

Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

Slow turnaround times affecting your close rate? With RapidScore 2.0 from UCC, you get immediate credit feedback to close the deal on the spot. After submitting an application, you’ll get a rate code within seconds, which will automatically generate a pre-approval for acceptance. Best of all, RapidScore is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Increased Profit

Increased Profit

UCC brings our dealer partners a measurable increase in revenue. Not only does our broad credit range and competitive rates give you more approvals and higher closing percentages, we also offer an industry leading Bonus Program. Close your deals with financing through UCC, and you automatically get a monthly check based on funded loan volume - no minimum volume requirements!

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A Big Win For You — And Your Customers

UCC is much more than financing. We partner with your business, offering dedicated communication, and products that fit your needs and brand.

Your Customers, Your Way

UCC respects the vendor-customer relationship, which is why we offer dealers options: we give you the means and tools to take as much control as you want. We’ll assist in communications with your customer, or you can remain the sole point of contact. Whatever makes sense for your business.

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A Big Win For You — And Your Customers

Swift & Speedy

Meet Swift, Union Credit’s exclusive dealer portal. With live tracking and automated scoring, Swift offers a perfect financing hub to manage applications and every other aspect of your financing program.

There’s no learning curve, and it’s all maintained by UCC, making it low-maintenance and dependable.

Best of all, it’s free!

  • Simple process – an applicant’s information can be entered directly into the Swift portal, or you can even snap a photo of an application with your smart phone!
  • RapidScore 2.0 – instant credit scoring so you can close the deal on the spot!
  • Live deal updates – follow your application through each step of the sales cycle
  • Real-time sales metrics – view valuable data and sales statistics to leverage your strengths
  • Bonus point system allows you to earn even more
  • Clean and easy interface – see all your applications in one place, so you never have another application get lost in the shuffle
  • Bonus tracking for even more profitability
  • Electronic application to capture customers on any device
  • Web banners and landing pages to embed on your site
  • No cost to set up or use – absolutely and completely FREE
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It's Your Data — Leverage It.

Yes, our financing is competitive.
Yes, we help you gain access to more business. But yet another item of long-term value to your business is your data - and UCC’s desktop gives you access to more of it than ever before.

With more information at your fingertips, you’re better equipped to keep on selling.

  • Deal history & funding volume
  • Average deal size
  • Approval & funding ratios
  • Total sales by State or region
  • One click data summary export
It's Your Data — Leverage It.
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