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Financing with UCC is the quick, easy and straightforward method to getting the equipment or capital you need to better operate and grow your business.

  • Lending programs designed with small to mid-sized companies in mind
  • Equipment financing up to $250,000 with only a credit app
  • Get terms in minutes with automated scoring
  • Dedicated, single point of contact
  • Working capital programs with monthly payments

Smart Solutions To Get You Where You Need To Be.

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Our experienced representatives can help guide you to select the ideal financing structure that makes the most sense for your business. Our automated internal processes allow us to deliver rapid credit and funding turn-around times, all while keeping you more informed. We prioritize customer service, speed and accuracy so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Discover why equipment financing with Union Credit Corporation is the preferred choice for many business owners.

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Approval TimingAs few as 5 minutesN/A, full payment due at date of purchase1 to 3 weeks
Soft CostsAll costs covered including shipping, installation and taxesAll cost paid out of pocket at date of purchaseNot covered, must be paid out of pocket
BudgetingFixed payment schedule, does not change after fundingCash tied up in fixed asset, cannot be used for other business purposesVariable rates tied to floating indexes
RestrictionsNo age or mileage restrictions, private sales OKMarketing or hiring plans may be delayed due to lack of cashEquipment can be no older than 5 years, no private sales
CovenantsAsset specific lien, free use of equipment without being botheredKey financial ratios may be negatively impacted affecting current credit lines or future borrowing abilityMinimum bank balances to be maintained, annual financial review, loan can be called in at any time, blanket UCC-1 filing
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