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UCC Benefits

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Our vendor programs are built around your unique set of goals. UCC is ready to come alongside your business to help you achieve your objectives.

  • Your customer, your rules

  • We respect the relationship you have with your customers and feel that it is our job to make that relationship stronger. When structuring a new vendor relationship, we work with you to determine how hands-on you need us to be at each stage of the financing process. We are happy to work with customers directly, or you can remain the only point of contact from start to finish.

  • Simple process

  • Applications can be entered any time for a quick credit decision. Once approved, we generate documents immediately that can easily be signed and faxed back for funding. Your customers can receive their equipment just as quickly by utilizing our leasing program as they would by paying via cash or credit card.

  • Private label branding and integration

  • Financing should be a tool that is used during the sale, not after it. We strive to make our financing solutions a seamless extension of your brand, not just an afterthought.

  • Data mining and analysis

  • Sure, numbers and statistics are not an exciting conversation starter, but they do tell quite a story. We deal in numbers all day long, and we are experts and finding the trends and anomalies that can help you make informed decisions for your company. If you have certain metrics you need tracked but just don’t have the time or resources to do it, we’ve got you covered.

  • Dedicated point of contact

  • Communication is the key to any great relationship, and this is no different. Each vendor partner is connected with a dedicated representative who will be available for any and all needs you may have.

    To speak to a representative, call us at 866-205-0030.