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Implement a Winning Program with UCC

Partnering with UCC for your customer financing provides the following benefits:

 Credit decisions in 10 seconds

 Automated deal process with live tracking & updates

 100% payment up front before delivery

 No contracts or minimum volume requirements

 No recourse or liability

 Generous bonus program

Manage Your Finance Business With
Swift Dealer Portal

Key Statistics

Curious to see in which State you close the most business? Want to keep tabs on closed or pending sales figures? Swift Portal provides this and much more.

Live Tracking

Never be left in the dark again. Get up to the minute updates on all active applications, 24/7. Become part of the inner circle with Swift Portal.

Automated Scoring

With RapidScore 2.0 automated scoring, you can get your customer qualified with payment options while they are on the phone or in your showroom.

Customers Want Options

In today’s competitive sales environment, it is absolutely critical to offer business customers a financing solution to acquire your product. At UCC, we enable you to quickly incorporate a financing option into your sales process, giving you the ability to convert customers that may have otherwise been lost.

Why Offer Financing

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Sales processes are changing, and it is important to remain one step ahead. Most business owners today conduct research on the internet as opposed to calling your sales line when making a buying decision. Furthermore, the majority of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Having the ability to interact with customers across all channels gives you a significant advantage.

Reasons to Choose UCC


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