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EF Benefits

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The benefits of financing are numerous. Highlighted below are just a few of the many reasons that 72% of all U.S. companies use some sort of financing when purchasing equipment.

  • Conserve Working Capital

  • This is by far the number one reason that businesses owners choose to finance. It is almost impossible for a small business to secure a line of credit or working capital loan from a traditional bank in today’s lending environment. Now, more than ever, having cash available to operate your business and take advantage of opportunities is paramount. Tying up cash in fixed assets, especially depreciating ones, may not always prove to be the best route to take.

  • Fixed Terms

  • Once you sign your financing contract, whether lease or loan, the terms are fixed. This means that payments will not change regardless of changes in indexes such as ‘prime rate’. With talk of interest rates hikes looming by the Federal Reserve, rest assured your payment will remain constant.

  • Income Tax Savings

  • With lease agreements, monthly payments may be deducted against income on your tax return as an operating expense, similar to a rent or utility expense. Depending on your federal and state tax bracket, this means the government will basically pay for a large chunk of your monthly payment.

  • Flexibility

  • Our financing can be structured to fit your unique needs as a business. Billing periods can be arranged monthly, quarterly, yearly or with specific months skipped each year, just to name a few.

  • 100% Financing Including Soft Costs

  • When working with UCC, no large down payments are required. We will finance 100% of the equipment value, and in addition, we can also finance any shipping/delivery charges, installation, training fees and taxes. In addition, UCC is able to finance software along with any implementation and maintenance charges, within reason.